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A house fire is a traumatic experience, and it can cause more damage than what your eyes can initially spot. Beyond the physical fire damage, you must also consider the smoke and soot contamination. Both can be dangerous and costly.
After a severe house fire, you should always call a professional restoration company. You will need a full fire damage inspection of the entire home. Otherwise, you risk overlooking hidden damage and airborne contamination. Find a local restoration company near you that provides a full inspection and emergency restoration services.
Fire Damage Inspection In the event of a fire, there is usually hidden damage and contamination. Due to the excessive heat, your home’s structural integrity is also likely compromised. Just entering the property is hazardous, so wait for professional assistance.
Here are the key steps taken in a fire damageinspection and why they’re important:
Roofing – The heat from the fire has probably weakened the roof structure. The entire roof is destabilized and likely to collapse without immediate repairs. Once the fire is out, an expert should check the roofing underlayment and supports for water and fire damage. Siding – Siding is designed to provide more than just aesthetic appeal to your home. It also protects the building from bad weather, pests, and intruders. After a fire, the siding may have cracked from the heat. Then, mold can develop underneath the material.
Framing – The interior walls and framing will probably bear the brunt of the fire damage. Your restoration team should examine the framing for signs of mold or destabilization from the fire. Plumbing – Your plumbing system, including pipes and fixtures, will incur some damage from the fire. These systems must be closely examined for signs of bursting and thoroughly cleaned. Prolonged Smoke Damage When you think about the damage wreaked by a fire, don’t stop at evaluating the flames’ destruction. You must also consider the smoke damage and contamination. A thorough inspection will shed light on the true extent of the fire damage.
Prolonged smoke damage is tricky. The damage itself is not immediately evident; ash and soot remain hidden within the walls, floors, air ducts, and furniture. Additionally, you have the odor to contend with. Foul smells become trapped in hidden locations throughout the house. The smoke residue can lead to respiratory illness if not caught early.
Following a house fire, schedule a thorough fire damage inspection and immediate fire and smoke damage restoration services. You can reach out to Priority One for 24-hour fire damage restoration services.
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