Around 70% of households struggle with mold every day. At some point, home and business owners have to contemplate whether to opt for mold remediation services immediately or start with an inspection. The reality is that either way can work in your favor; it all depends on the situation at hand.

Most building owners assume that only natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods can cause mold to grow. Here’s the thing: any moisture problem or water damage can contribute to mold growth. In case of leakages, spills, dampness, humidity from heaters, and poor ventilation, expect mold proliferation. And that exposes your basement, drywall, upholstery, plumbing areas, and kitchen to mold problems.

If you can see or smell mold, removal comes in handy. Interestingly, not all mold is easily detected with the naked eye. Such mold ends up causing gradual harm to your loved ones and property without you knowing of its existence. Let’s have a look at whether your home needs mold inspection and the role of inspection before mold remediation.


Mold inspection plays an important role in determining the existence of mold and the scope of the work required for mold remediation. When you first notice mold, you may wish to call in mold inspectors for inspection and possibly even for testing. If there are visible signs of mold, a mold inspection may not be needed before mold remediation. If there are concerns about mold without clear signs, mold testing can help determine the mold extent and type. This will help confirm if mold remediation is necessary.

Once mold is confirmed, you should act fast. Its very presence compromises your safety and the beauty of your building. The next reasonable step is immediate mold removal. You can quickly eliminate the black mold and other fungi spores if you go for a professional mold remediation service.


The testing and inspections methods used initially depend on what works best for your situation, convenience, cost, and technical limitations. The good thing is you can inspect your premise visually. But when it comes to scientific mold testing, different techniques apply. They include:

  • Mold testing kits for DIY mold testing.
  • Surface sampling for qualitative mold analysis.
  • Non-viable air testing methods like swabs to spot any mold.
  • Viable air testing method (air sampling) for identifying mold and related species.

If testing shows that there is mold, it’s recommended to hire professional mold remediation services. Experts will know the proper mold removal techniques have a successful mold cleanup.


While mold inspection is not always necessary, it makes lots of sense. Some circumstances require you to prioritize mold inspection. Here are seven such incidents to help you know whether you need any help and the most suitable time to call the mold inspection experts.

  1. When You Suspect Mold is a Problem

    Mold testing is the number one way to determine qualitatively if the mold present indoors is much higher than that of the outdoor environment. In this case, the chances are that you have a mold issue that needs fixing. Professional inspection and testing both indoors and outdoors will give you a better understanding of your situation.

  2. When You Can Smell the Mold

    You might not see the mold at times, but the musty smell keeps spreading. It means the fungi spores are highly present and can compromise indoor air quality. Mold also builds up in any damp areas, and if you notice the smell, go ahead and hire mold inspectors. The experts will use professional techniques and methods to help detect the source.

  3. When You Have Frequent Mold Issues

    You’ve probably experienced several mold issues in the past, either due to natural disaster, leak, or humidity; confirm if the mold has stayed away or reoccurred. Even after you hire professional mold removal, you can hire mold inspection services to check the condition of your building. These experts will confirm whether the mold cleanup professionals resolved the previous mold issue.

  4. To Comply With Your Insurance Company

    Even with building insurance, compensation for mold damage is a challenging journey. Many insurance companies will require you to verify the presence of black mold. Without proof, the insurance company will not compensate you for the damage. Hire mold testing experts for testing and generation of a mold report.

  5. To Protect Buyers and Sellers

    Before buying or selling a property, ensure the air quality in your home meets the set standard of the sale contract. So you need a mold inspection service to understand the condition of your home better. With that, you’ll not have to deal with inconveniences that might result in a lawsuit.

  6. When It’s Your Doctor’s Recommendation

    Does someone in your space suffer from headaches, constant sneezing, coughing, running nose, or nasal blockage when indoors without an apparent cause? All this might be due to the presence of mold. Since people differ in mold sensitivity, your doctor might recommend a mold test to determine the exact cause.

  7. When You Have Plumbing Issues

    If you have experienced plumbing issues in your home, mold levels can rise in the affected areas. You might not see it, but it is essential to hire skilled mold removal experts to remediate the mold.


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