Flood Inspection Assesment


Onsite Water Damage inspection and Assessment are the first and most critical steps to flood damage recovery when faced with an emergency. When plumbers, waterproofers, and other water damage restoration companies can’t find the leak, we come in. Our methods have been carefully formulated to detect the most elusive leak detection possible. Here is how we ensure to find the leak and neutralize the threat every time.

STEP 1: Locate & stop the water source

We utilize non-invasive methods and are professionals at identifying all types of leaks. Our highly skilled assessment specialists are the industry’s best when it comes to locating and stopping water damage leaks. We always find the root cause of any leak. Once located, we quickly provide an onsite quote to neutralize the leak and ensure no further water damage can occur.

STEP 2: Identify the category and class of water

After the leak has been neutralized, we assess and test the water type to determine the health and property damage risks associated based on the water contamination classification type. Here are the 3 categories of water you will potentially face:

Clean potable water that comes from water lines, filtered water sources and it is generally deemed safe to consume.

“Grey Water” is water that is contaminated with bio-pollutants and if consumed or handled, can lead to mild health symptoms and irritations.

“Black Water” consists of heavily contaminated water, generally referring to raw sewage. This content poses severe health risks if consumed or handled.

STEP 3: Assess the extent of the damage

Based on the category and classification of a leak, the Flood Tech water damage assessor, assesses the property and all affected content, ensuring all risks, hazards and damages are thoroughly reviewed and identified. Any health or safety risks are neutralized for the safety of everyone on the premises. We also do an external inspection to ensure no risks are present from the outside of the property.

STEP 4: Remediation recommendations

The final step of the assessment is preparation of a thorough remediation action plan where we provide detailed recommendations for water removal and damage recovery including all steps necessary to process, handle and remediate the emergency. This includes insurance processing steps, preparation of all required documents to expedite any potential red tape you may encounter in claims processing, and a fully detailed job scope and estimate that ensures a cost and timeframe for recovery.


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